Oct 16, 2008

Bounce Back Game


Canucks 4

Redwings 3

OT Win

record : 3-1-0

I would have been quite happy to steal a point on the road against the Detroit Redwings, Alex Burrrows, and the rest of the team had a different idea. Goals by Jannik Hansen ( his first nhl goal), Ryan Kesler, Mason Raymond and the OT winner Alex Burrows brought the Canucks game back on track. It sounded like it was an entertaining game. I listened as much as i could, while being at work. looking forward to watching the hilights.

this seemed to be more like my Canucks of the first two games. Gone were the apparitions that showed up against the Capitals. Not that the Canucks played a perfect game.... I'd still like to see more from the second line, ... but two points on the road, against Detroit, I'm almost impressed !!!


Oct 13, 2008

Men vs Boys

Canucks 1

Capitals 5

i'll give you three guesses who the boys were? and it wasn't the Washington Capitals. Its no time to panic, not yet...... It is after all, only game three, but........... i really don't know what to say about this game. The Canucks - my Canucks were just plain out classed. They looked and played like they were tired.

on a brighter note, we scored our one goal on the power play, and Ovechkin was kept off the score sheet.

I don't expect them to win 82 games, but a little more effort would be appreciated. Lets hope their effort, and game improves before they face Detroit on thursday.

Canucks Record : 2-1-0

"a shot, a shot, my kingdom for a shot"


Jun 10, 2008

Trevor Linden to retire from NHL: source


 Flames Canucks hockey  20080405


oh captain, my captain. so many years have passed, with you a mainstay on the Canucks team.  Its' a sad day indeed, as you announce your retirement.  The Canucks just won't be the same without you. wishing you al the best and here's hoping you stay with the canucks in some capacity. !!!

I'll wear my autographed Linden jersey with pride.


Thanks for the memories

M~ p08sa73b/16p/bw/hug

This is indeed an ending of an era for the Vancouver Canucks. You will not be forgotten. Here's hoping the organization does the classy thing and retires your jersey.  A sad day for Canucks fans - 94' will never be forgotten, and neither will # 16.